One of the best lessons I learned was what the letters in the word FEAR really mean.  When I was a little girl and was fearful about something my dad would pull me aside and ask me “Maryheather, what’s wrong?”  I would proceed to tell him what was scaring me and he would tell me, “Maryheather, do you know what the letters in fear mean? They are an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real.”  What a brilliant man.

I believe this is still very true today when it comes to HIV/AIDS,  or anything that is different than what we are use to.  I’ve found that the letters H I V evoke a lot of different emotions.  Emotions that are very real and very normal to have.  When we educate ourselves and others about HIV/AIDS we are able to disspell any myths and tell the truth about living with it.  By spreading truth that there is a problem and that it’s affecting children  we can get rid of that fear and do what we are called to do-help.

My dad also taught me that perfect love casts out all fear.  So those of us that know Jesus should not be afraid for He is with us in all that we do.  By educating ourselves and others and being able to shine a different light on difficult subjects we can also help erase fear.

So I will continue to learn and educate people so that their fears can be released, as mine have been.  Fear really can keep us from completing the task that only we can do.  Fear can be paralyzing and today I promise to spread the truth.  Won’t you join me?  Let’s change the acronym to Freedom by Educating And Reacting with love.


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