Project HOPEFUL does not endorse any specific agencies. We provide this list of agencies that facilitate adoptions of children with HIV/AIDS simply as a resource.

We HIGHLY encourage prospective adoptive parents to research different agencies to ensure they find a right “fit” for them. Asking the following questions will help you discover more about a potential agency’s HIV/AIDS program.

A good way to discover others’ experiences with an adoption agency is to connect with adoptive parents through a social network or online group. One such international group is the HIV Adoption Yahoo Group. You may want to ask agencies if they host such groups for their clients in process and those who have completed adoptions with them.

This list is not comprehensive. If you’d like us to add an agency please leave a comment here or write us at with the agency name, contact person and any other helpful information. Thank you.

The Adoption Center – BC – Jennifer Walls –
Programs in: United States, China, Haiti, Ethiopia, and Bulgaria

The Children’s Bridge – Ontario – Karyn Bakelaar –
Programs in: China Waiting Children, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Ethiopia, South Africa, Rwanda, South Korea and India

Christian Advocate for the Adoption of Children (CAFAC)– Manitoba – Roberta Galbraith –
Programs in: Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, St. Vincent, Vietnam

Sunrise Family Services – BC – Mary Harrington –
Programs in: Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, St. Vincent, Taiwan, Thailand, U.S., Vietnam

Terre Des Hommes – Ontario –
Programs in: Vietnam, Ukraine, Honduras


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